Our novel investigator-initiated clinical research studies include:

  1. Testing of biomarkers that are associated with clinically meaningful changes in studies of new therapeutics
  2. Development of newborn screening strategies for rare genetic diseases
  3. Testing and use of novel, wearable technology designed to measure changes in physiologic function relevant to rare disease research and therapeutic management

We have the staff, equipment, training, and resources to conduct your study efficiently and with high recruitment levels.

We are here to serve the rare disease community by bringing novel therapeutics to the rare disease community. With our resources, experience, and collaborators, RDR partners with both pharma and disorder-specific foundations to bridge the translational gap from investigational drug to FDA-approved treatment, on a timeline that works for investors, shareholders in publicly-traded companies, and patient groups alike.

We provide comprehensive clinical research services and clinical expertise in a number of rare neurological disorders. Because most physicians have little or no experience with rare diseases, we interface directly with the rare disease foundations and parent networks. We maintain a close relationship with collaborators at several academic centers. We use these ties to support specialized research and development for pharmaceutical companies and foundations, including the development of specific outcome measures and biomarkers, tailored to the disease you are studying.

The founders of Rare Disease Research center have independently designed and carried out clinical trials in rare disease, and have served as principal investigators on a number of pharma-sponsored studies. RDR is also collaborating with both device manufacturers in industry and biomedical engineers in academia to develop new biotech which could improve detection of physiological changes in clinical trials.

Our time from receiving a contract for review until recruitment of the first participant ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. We can achieve this because rare disease research is all we do, and we have the resources to meet your needs.


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