Who Conducts Clinical Studies?

A principal investigator (PI), usually a medical doctor, will lead each clinical study. The research team may include doctors, nurses, social workers, and other health care professionals. Research team members have assigned duties based on their roles.

Principal Investigator


Sub-Investigator has responsibilities similar to that of a PI on research study, but they cannot be delegated the primary supervisory responsibility for the site. The Sub-Investigator is obliged to perform critical trial-related procedures and/or to make important trial-related decisions; ensure that all study-related responsibilities are appropriately fulfilled; monitor compliance by research ethics.

Research or Study Coordinator

Research or Study Coordinator manages daily activities of clinical research. They work collaboratively with the site clinical trial team and investigators to ensure all protocol-specified procedures and visits are in compliance with the trial-approved protocol and conditions of ethics approval. Their responsibilities also include undertaking participant screening and recruitment activities (PICF), providing all trial-related information to participants, assessing participant eligibility, ensuring appropriate care of participants and follow-up activities, creating source documentation, assisting in the assessment of toxicities/adverse events, and following the adverse event reporting requirements to the sponsor and IRB. They also serve as primary contact with research participants.

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